Alpha + Omega = OM

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2. Alpha + Omega = OM

AlphaOmegaOM Background image: Axwell Music

Some people who attain a high degree of enlightenment tell us that the ultimate reality is nothing ~ a kind of blissful non-being, Nirvana. Others say that this big blankness is merely a door or barrier to an incredible realm beyond: a stateless state, an implacable place, of infinite magnitude and absolute perfection. This is the unthinkable, unspeakable Thing-In-Itself which is designated by the ineffable mantra OM. Within this OM is All and Everything, seamlessly conjoined with Nil and Nothing ~ so Nirvana is only the next-to-last stop before OM.

If OM is the Truth, then the real riddle of the cosmos ~ the first eternal question that must be answered ~ is why it ever emerges from its sublime self-containment, so that you and me and the rest of the universe can one day come…

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Alpha + Omega = OM

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