Giant 3D Map Of Our Local Universe

S. G. Basu

Want to take that starship of yours on a cruise through the galaxies? Well, you are lucky–astrophysicists have the galactic map ready for you.

It’s a 3D map of a 2 Billion light years distance. Pretty awesome, right?

Physicists studied the data of red shifts of galaxies and then plotted the distribution of matter across the local universe. They came up with this mind-boggling map of how the voids and super-clusters are located.

“The galaxy distribution isn’t uniform and has no pattern,” said Michael Hudson of the University of Waterloo. “It has peaks and valleys much like a mountain range. This is what we expect if the large-scale structure originates from quantum fluctuations in the early universe.”

Hudson also said, “A better understanding of dark matter is central to understanding the formation of galaxies and the structures they live in such as galaxy clusters, superclusters and voids.”

So, what’s the…

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Giant 3D Map Of Our Local Universe

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